How Netflix changed the way people watch movies.

Stereotypically when people think about movies they link them with going to the cinema. However, this can be seen as an outdated way to watch movies. As you are in a geomantic room with round 50 if not more people; people around you are eating drinking, making noises; their children scream and talk constantly throughout the movie. If you want to go to the toilet you will miss a part of the movie or if you are late. Even though you have paid 15 pounds to watch it. Also firstly you need to travel to the cinema then buy overpriced food and pay for the movie to watch it. Also, you should wait 20 minutes for the commercial at the start to end.

However, Netflix has changed the way people watch movies forever. As now people have the opportunity to watch movies from their houses with the touch of a button on their phone or TV. In contrast in the cinema you need to pay £5.99 per month. If you think of it, you will pay only £72 per year and you can watch unlimited amount of movies while for this price you can watch around 7 movies in the cinema for a whole year. Also when Netflix started to produce their original movies we can see even more products that the audience can consume. There are other companies such as Disney which is a media conglomerate that has made their own app Disney+ which is similar to Netflix and may be if Netflix didn’t come up with the idea we would have never seen other apps like this such as Disney+ and Amazon Prime.