On the 23 of March 2020 Joe Wicks, a personal trainer, with his brother Nikki started PE with joe after his school's tours were cancelled as schools around the UK shut due to Covid 19. Joe went live at 9am from Monday to Friday for 13 weeks coaching the world through workouts that ranged from 25 minutes to 50 minutes. Joe completed over 70 live workouts to keep people all over the world motivated throughout lockdown on his YouTube channel ‘The Body Coach’. 

The workouts gained live views from 200,00 to 900,000 and even won him his second Guinness World Record on the 24th of March 2020 for having the most views on a live stream fitness workout on YouTube at 955,185. The videos would save to his YouTube channel and gain views up to 7.4 million views. Joe kept families entertained by including quizzes, spot the difference, Fancy Dress Friday, giving some funny names to the different exercises, taking breaks to just dance, shoutouts, a certificate for doing the workouts and even homework allowing kids their own chance at creating a workout. 

Even after having surgery on his hand Joe never stopped the workouts instead asking his wife Rosie Wicks to stand in as his ‘teaching assistant' demonstrating the exercises for a few weeks. His Brother Nikki also helped by talking to him in his ear throughout the workouts giving him the names of people watching for shoutouts, and the quiz questions and answers.  

Pe with Joe helped people all over the world from the UK to Australia by helping them; lose weight, improve their mental health, and give a bit of structure to their day throughout lockdown. Katie 16 said “Doing PE with joe gave me a reason to get up in the morning and gave structure to my day during uncertain times. Exercising every day was really beneficial to my mental health and I enjoyed spending time with my family whilst having fun”. When asked about doing PE with Joe Emma who is 11 years old said “I loved the Fancy Dress Friday because it made the workout just that extra bit more fun. I liked the Spiderman lunges, and the kangaroo jumps because they were silly.”  

Not only did Joe help the millions watching his workouts, he also raised more than £500,000 for NHS charities by selling t-shirts with the PE with Joe logo on it and the from the YouTube workouts.  

With just a whiteboard, a timer, some lighting equipment, a camera and his positive attitude Joe helped millions around the world, with people naming him the worlds PE teacher.