Almost every student at some point of life will have to study mathematics. It is considered one of the most important subjects, and can also be considered one of the hardest subjects to learn. But most of the students usually ask about the importance of mathematics. We know that math is an essential part of the world. Without maths, science and technology cannot be a part of our world. It is used in almost everywhere, almost every job, and in everyday life. Here are just three important maths you use in your everyday life.

Time management:

Using time correctly is the key to a balanced and happy life. Therefore we have to be more calculative for time management. Math helps us to do better time management. With the help of maths, we can use time more wisely.

Saving money:

Maths help you with your finances. It also helps you in saving and losing money, as you can calculate how much you want to spend in any certain situation. Taking financial risk is something almost everyone does, and maths helps us calculate the risk if doing it.


Maths is quite useful for staying healthy. We can use maths to measure how much we need to eat everyday, how much exercise we need everyday to keep us healthy and balanced. From eating, we can check which food gives what type of nutrients to our body and eat it accordingly. From calorie intake to calorie burning, you can calculate almost everything with the help of math.

The importance of maths is more crucial everyday, as our technologies advances everyday. The more we use maths, the better we understand about our world and us. We use maths everyday to solve problems in our daily lives. Without maths, we won't be able to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle.