Donald Trump may have lost the election, but the American electorate has not rejected Trump.  Trump has exceeded the expectations of many; Joe Biden has not put an end to “Trumpism’.

Joe Biden has achieved far from a landslide victory. Many had expected President-elect Biden to win Florida, which is traditionally a bellwether state.  This was due to Trump gaining support amongst Cuban-Americans; some of whom believe that Biden is too like the “socialism” that they have left behind.  Republicans have also done better than predicted in elections for seats in the House of Representatives.  Whilst the Democrats will maintain a majority, it will be vastly reduced.  Democrats have also failed to decisively win control of the Senate; its control will be determined in two run-off elections scheduled to take place in January. Without control of the Senate, it will be hard for Joe Biden to implement ‘radical’ new policies.     

This unique election has had a record turn-out, with over 66% of those eligible casting a vote. According to a poll by Politico, 70% of Republicans don’t think the election was free or fair. Around 47% of votes in the Presidential election went to Trump, compared to around 51% to Biden. This is a large division splitting the general population. Trump himself has not yet conceded the election and has claimed that the election was “rigged”, tweeting “[Biden] only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!”. His campaign has filed many lawsuits to contest the election; many observers believe that these, and recounts, are highly unlikely to influence the outcome.

Trump has a unique philosophy. He surprised many by beating the political establishment, to win the Republican nomination in 2016. Trump does not seem like he will retire anytime soon. He has an uncertain future with many possibilities. He may even run for the Presidency in 2024. One of his children may become his political heir. His son-in-law, Jared Kushner was influential in the singing of the Abraham Accords whist Donald Jr. has called for a “total war” over unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud. He has become increasingly prevalent in the media. There are even rumours over “Trump TV” to rival Fox news, whose election coverage has angered Trump. Trump is no stranger to television, having famously hosted The Apprentice.

Donald Trump has changed the shape of the Republican Party, having feuded with the late Presidential nominee, John McCain and former nominee, Mitt Romney. In 2018, the late Barbara Bush, wife to George H.W. Bush and former First Lady stated that she was “probably” no longer a Republican. Trump’s legacy will live on in the Republican Party; many senior figures are major supporters of Trump on a personal level. Neither Romney or former President George W. Bush endorsed Trump. He has turned the party further to the political right.  His slogans of “Make America Great Again” have resonated with millions. He has also appointed three Supreme Court judges leading to a conservative majority that will remain for many years, influencing many future decisions. Trump’s claims of electoral fraud have further polarised an already-divided America. As of yet, Joe Biden has failed to win the coveted trifecta that would ensure an easy Presidency. Whilst Democrats may have won, they have failed to decidedly defeat “Trumpism”.