Since the closure of gyms, people have turned to other methods of exercise to implement into their daily routine of what seems to of become the “new normal.” A popular and efficient method of getting those workouts in have been going on runs, perhaps round your local park or round the block.

However, it is evident that some things remain as the ‘old normal’. Not even a pandemic seems to get in the way of sleezy men making women feel unsafe for simply leaving the house.

“I was running down this road and a white van drove past me, slowly, and they rolled their window down, whistled, beeped, and looked me up and down.” Alexandra, 17.

“When I was running in broad daylight a van pulled over and told me I had a nice arse. I was wearing leggings and a massive T-shirt, the experience made me not want to go out.” Isabella, 16

However, some people have the extremely outdated impression that these advances should be taken as complimentary and women should be grateful that these men go out of their way to express their opinion of their bodies.

But it is not up for debate. Women do not deserve to feel unsafe for simply leaving their home, no matter what they are doing or what they are wearing. The objectification of women (including minors) should not be tolerated at all.