Tonight will be the all special night of All Hallows' eve. This is normally a time filled with amazing Halloween outfits, decorations and everything else scary. However, due to the new disease COVID-19 we might have to change the way we all have to celebrate this amazing festival. 


Extra precautions should be taking place due to the fact that we are in the middle of a global pandemic and with London being in the High COVID alert level thing will have to be done differently to ensure the safety whilst also keeping the same levels of enjoyment. The classic Trick or treating has been largely ruled out due to the fact that the same surfaces are being touched by multiple different people, this can lead to COVID being spread to a large number of people if only one person had it. Richmond Council has suggested many other ways to enjoy this scary night which will keep everyone safe and Councillor Gareth Roberts has said "We want to encourage residents to celebrate Halloween but to do so in a way that is both safe for them and those around them."


There are many other activities which everyone can enjoy on Halloween which are safe such as:

-A home fancy dress party (at home or online)

-Scavenger hunting (hiding treats in the garden)

-A Halloween Movie Night


Competitions are also being run in Richmond for Home decorating, drawings and pumpkin carvings and to enter the competitions you need to upload your photo to Twitter or instagram, tag @LBRUT and use the hashtag #RichmondScares.