During lockdown, many people have found themselves with a lot more time on their hands to explore new hobbies, and one of those which saw a massive increase in popularity was gardening.

According to a survey done by GlobalData, gardening was the second most popular activity in lockdown, coming after watching TV, 77% of people did more gardening during lockdown than they would do normally (Squire Garden Centres, 2020).

Wimbledon High School set up a gardening club during lockdown, and since being back at school, the club has been given the opportunity to plan new green spaces around the school. The club’s president and founder, Poorna Baikady, age 14, said that she thinks gardening is important because of how beneficial it can be for mental health. “Never underestimate how calming gardening can be. Personally, I find gardening a serene and relaxing way to spend time with nature,” she said. “Now, more than ever, biodiversity is so important, it can be anything from a spider plant in your room to roses in your garden, having any kind of green around is amazing. I find gardening such an amazing way to relax and enjoy nature in all its beauty. Wimbledon High’s gardening club will aim to improve the schools biodiversity by creating outdoor spaces for students and staff to sit. And all the while, we will be educating the school community on the art of gardening and the science and wonders behind it!”