As a student, we find it somewhat difficult to get started in the film industry. How does a student go about trying to gain experience for the film industry when it is one of the most competitive sectors? We explore this by interviewing a student called Daniel. He has been working on films for many years, and now we will explore what it's like being a student trying to make their place in the film industry. 

What challenges have you had to overcome whilst filming?

“The most difficult part about filmmaking is coming up with a good story. The central idea of the narrative is the film subject, and without an immersive story, the film would be meaningless. This is one of the main things that I personally struggle with. Other problems I have encountered involve convincing people to join both cast and crew. Having the right people around, and getting them involved in your project is key to having a successful shoot.”

What films have been the most inspiring to you and why? 

“Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” has to be on my list. After seeing Inception, my perspective of what could be shot on a camera changed. Another great film I have been influenced by was Jennifer Peedom’s “Mountain”. I was captivated by the narration, the beautiful music and cinematography - a visually thrilling and stunning documentary.”

What role have film festivals or competitions played in your life so far? How do you make the most of them?  

“I have only participated in 3 competitions/festivals, but I find them incredibly useful. They provide me with narrative constraints, which helps me to come up with ideas with the help of others; allowing me to build up a portfolio of productions that I have created which I can later use to show to others to further help my path into the industry.”

As a young filmmaker, what do you believe are the pros and cons? 

“I feel like I have more freedom to film whatever I want. I have freedom to film anything, edit in any way, create my own style, my own ideas, before I become constrained by film briefs. When you’re young, you have a lot of freedom, but this comes with a limited budget. This also in turn, can constrain locations and technology.”

What one thing would you suggest that could make the film industry better for students such as yourself?  

“I feel like there aren’t enough film competitions and places for young filmmakers to meet-up and connect. Film competitions aimed at students would give more opportunities to work towards a goal with a set brief and give them the chance to show their work and get it reviewed by professionals in the field, giving them vital feedback and ideas.”

~ Kataleeya Duffy