Technology has distorted your internal timer and has made you more impatient than ever.

Have you ever found yourself being irritated by slow internet, slow queues, or even slow walkers during your day? This could be because you are in a rush or that society has morphed into this high-speed environment that has changed our perception of time. Instant gratification can be simply obtained by a click or a scroll and that now our desires can be immediately given to us with ease. Patience is a virtue that has faded into a button and now that single click has become faster than a blink of an eye.

These expectations of immediate gratification not only will affect our academic accomplishments but could also harm our personal lives. Maintaining friendships and creating a secure marriage takes a goliath amount of patience. With marriage follows raising children where your patience is tested for several decades. If we are becoming frustrated by buffering videos or even slow websites, how can we expect to conquer these far greater challenges in the future?

In a recent study of 2,112 people, Microsoft was able to find out that we have suffered from a decline in attention span. The study found that the average attention span has now become 8 seconds compared to the year 2000 where it was 12. It's become so bad that there was a similar study that was done and found our attention span is decreasing by 88 percent every year. We have become so accustomed to everything being so fast that 40% will even abandon a website simply because it took longer than 3 seconds to load.

Even though these advancements in technology has made our lives easier today, it’s easy to fall into the mindset that everything in our lives comes instantly. Important events do not happen overnight and take time and hard work. It is easy to see that we are becoming a more and more impulsive society where we use our phones as pacifiers whenever we are bored. After all that I congratulate you on finishing this article.