Today I am going to write about something incredible that happened near the end of my lockdown but was one of the best experiences of my life!

My 2-year-old dog, Sammy, gave birth to four gorgeous, healthy cockapoo puppies. One of the amazing things about this is she found where she was most comfortable and gave birth there. She practically did it all on her own with a little bit of assistance.  

At first, we were not sure if Sammy was having 3 or 4 puppies. It was unclear on the scan from the vets. There is normally 30 to 60 minutes between each puppy while giving birth, but Sammy’s first 3 pups were only 20 minutes apart.

After about an hour Sammy went outside for what we thought was a wee. Suddenly we realised it was the fourth puppy being born on the lawn. We rushed to help get her back inside to be safe and warm.

Sammy ended up having 2 boys and 2 girls and none of us wanted to give any away. We are keeping one and giving the others to close friends who want one.

It was stressful but also exciting. The funny thing is while everyone was panic buying toilet rolls and stocking up on foods, we were panic buying puppy food, puppy pads and treats as the puppies arrived a weekend early.

As Erma Bombeck once said, “And now the treats and snuggles begin”.