Croydon police officer shot dead: Sergeant Matiu Ratana On the early hours of Friday 25th of September, Sergeant Matiu Ratana was fatally shot dead at the Croydon Custody Centre. The suspect being Louis De Zoysa, 23 year old man also from Croydon.

Sergeant Matt Ratana was 54 years of age and was born in New Zealand, however devoted nearly 30 years of his life to the police force. Mr Ratana was a ‘ highly respected’ officer and ‘big hearted’ as described by his colleagues. Alongside being a police officer, Matt Ratana thoroughly enjoyed rugby, as he coached and played throughout his life. His latest endeavour being at East Grinstead Rugby club, where he took on a coaching role.

The suspect Louis De Zoysa, was Croydon born and went to a Catholic school, John Fisher in purely. Reports from inside the station, state that Mr De Zoysa shot at Mr Ratana before turning the gun at himself. Mr De Zoysa is currently in a hospital in critical condition.

Over the weekend, many tributes were laid outside the custody centre to pay respects for the loss of such a important member of the police force and the wider community. Some of which being the local MP for Croydon Central, Sarah Jones and Steve Reed, MP for Croydon North. The Prime Minister also payed his respect tweeting: ‘My deepest condolences go to the family, friends and colleagues of the police officer who was killed in Croydon last night.’ "We owe a huge debt to those who risk their own lives to keep us safe."

Matt Ratana dedicated his life for the safety of the public and he will be remembered in years to come. This tragedy will be one Croydon as a community will never forget, as Matt Ratana’s death is continued to be mourned.

- Ashyre-Mae Harris-Manahan