Why are we so addicted to technology? The inclusive pronoun “we” suggests that we are all so accustomed to using it. Whether it’s the computers and constant use of tech at school, or our phones that our parents bought us at a young age, tech is consuming a lot of our time. Time spent on your phone, could instead be spent outside, being aware of the sublime sunset or the beautiful nature around you.

However, Technology is significant because you can meet new people and get social media, which can help businesses grow and raise awareness for unjust events that are happening in the world.

As we can see technology has a positive and negative impact on our lives, yet I believe that it is mainly positive. Technology brings contentment to a lot of people and without technology, a lot of people wouldn’t be doing as well as they are now.  However, technology can drift people apart as they are so focused on their phones that they are not acknowledging the other individual. It can also lead to being socially awkward or anti-social which would mean they prefer not to communicate with others. It seems to me as if technology plays a significant role in our lives seen as most working jobs include having to use technology e.g. a technician, sales engineer, web developer, data scientist etc.

Sleeping can be a problem for youngsters because of technology being a huge distraction. Many young people of this generation find it habitual to go on their phone before sleeping and sometimes for a lot longer than usual.

In conclusion I will use the quotation by Christian Louis Lange who is a Historian. “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”. I am not suggesting to completely avoid technology, but manage to find the right balance.