Sport is returning after many months in the dark, and since it has returned it has become the centre of attention from fans all around the world. Before this, with little to no action in Covid times fans have been very excited for its return. However, it returns to the UK like never seen before, with absolutely no fans allowed in or around the stadium to watch their beloved teams play. The Clubs and fans were told that crowds could return to sporting fixtures around the UK from October 1st, however these plans have now been postponed for up to six months. In contrast, the American Football season in the USA has just started where fans are invited to come and watch the games socially distanced. This has allowed them to continue receiving revenue or be it a huge reduction. Premier League clubs are set for a £500 million loss due to Covid and fans not being able to attend match days. With this loss can a balance be found?


Many Local clubs are at the threat of having to close down due to the financial pressure that Covid has caused. A small club in Surrey called Sutton United are currently struggling to stay afloat with the loss of fans which now looks to have no end in sight. After the successful return of the NFL the question remains in the air whether or not the Premier League and other leagues in the UK will replicate what they are doing in the USA or will the clubs be forced to suffer more.