Now more than ever has illustrated the importance of charity and the country really coming together to support charitable causes doing amazing work. The lockdown period hasn’t stopped people from taking part in some positively awe-inspiring fundraising efforts and Alasdair Robertson is no exception, having undertaken a momentous feat to raise money for one truly amazing cause.

Earlier this year, Sachin Shah, 17, Head Boy of Wallington County Grammar School was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Sachin’s such a recognisable character within the school community due to his warmth, courage and enthusiasm for everything and everyone, and it’s that same relentless tenacity and strength of character that has served him well through such an unenviable situation.

Youth cancer charities such as CLIC Sargent have provided invaluable support for Sachin and thousands of other children and families in similar circumstances, and Mr Robertson has shown his appreciation for this charity by running 10km every day over the course of 100 days - equivalent to roughly 24 marathons - to raise money and awareness for CLIC Sargent and all the important work they do.

Mr Robertson said: ‘Sachin is a truly wonderful student who always takes time to consider the needs and feelings of his peers above his own. He contributes widely to his school, not just in an academic sense, but leads his peers and juniors in the fields of sport and the arts. ‘

“As such, I really wanted to do something to show him how much he is appreciated by everyone at the school.”

“CLIC Sargent also do amazing work and have been of great help to Sachin and his family at an exceedingly difficult time in their lives. They support children diagnosed with cancer not just in their medical treatment, but also with housing close to hospitals, maintaining their education throughout their treatment and help to support their families financially. As such, running in aid of both them and Sachin seemed like the right thing to do.’ 

Having seen Sachin’s positivity and generosity first-hand, and discovered all the wonderful work incredible work this charity does in terms of offering families like Sachin much-needed financial and emotional support, I second this message and can’t stress enough how valuable any donations, no matter how big or small are.

If you would like to sponsor Mr Robertson and help this great cause, Sachin’s fundraising page can be found here:

If you would like to keep with Mr Robertson’s progress, the link can be found here: