The Corona Virus is rapidly spreading across the globe, London is a bustling city, filled with people, so it is only safe that we take precautions to prevent catching the dreaded disease. 


Top tips to protect yourself from CoronaVirus 

Wash and sanitise hands. 

Washing and sanitising hands is essential inorder to kill any potential viruses or bacteria which one may have picked up from others around them. Pocket sized antibacterial hand washes are available in stores such as Superdrug, and are perfect inorder to ensure clean hands on the go. 

Keeping distance 

When someone is infected, the virus can spread from them when they cough or sneeze. Droplets of saliva or mucus are released, and these can very easily fall on an individual in close proximity and be inhaled or transfered into the body via the hands. Therefore, it is important to remain aware of your surroundings, and try to keep some distance from anyone showing signs of Corona.  

Wearing a mask 

Wearing a face is not essential, but can offer some type of protection. It can prevent larger particles such as mucus or saliva from passing into your mouth, however smaller particles may still pass through the mask. 

Overall, It is most important to keep your hands clean, and seek medical attention immediately if you see any symptoms of the virus.