Over the past few months, the swift spreading COVID19 has brought society to a point of panic buying, excessive hand sanitizing and global lockdowns. All over the world events have been cancelled, restaurants have been closed, and shops shut down. If you are not in lockdown already, everything around you probably is, so here is a guide on how to keep occupied, active and healthy during your this time. 


Keeping safe and sanitary 

Above all things, it is most important to keep hygienic and healthy whilst corona continues to actively spread. You may have seen and heard many bizarre methods to fend off the dreaded disease, such as drinking cow urine, but the best and most accessible precautions to take are simple! 

Tip one: wash and sanitise your hands. It may seem extreme, but it is essential one cleans their hands after every interaction or outing. This helps to eliminate any potential corona-tria, keeping you germ-free as possible. 

Tip two: Bin it! If you just so happen to sneeze, make sure you do so into a tissue and dispose of it ASAP. 

Lastly Tip three: cleanse your house like you cleanse your hands. It is advised that during these upcoming  months to keep one's environment as clean as possible. This includes regularly washing the bed sheets, pillow, covers and clothes; cleaning surfaces; and showering your home with anti bac spray. A hygienic home is a corona-free home! 


Curing quarantine boredom 

Having a lockdown keeps us safe and decreases the spread of COVID19, however it increases our free time and with lots of free time also comes boredom. Here is a list of numerous hobbies you can take up to pass your time. 

Learning to crochet, learning to sew, cooking and mastering complexed dishes, baking, playing board games, learning a tik tok dance, trying new hair styles, dying your hair (if it goes wrong no one will see it!), at home science experiments, painting, gardening - growth some fruit!


Keeping active 

Because Corona schools have shut down, people are working from home, many are self-isolating and the lockdown has limited the amount of travel one can do. This then leads to many of us cutting down on exercise as we are no longer taking daily trips to work or school. It is essential that one continues to maintain their fitness during this period of time. You can do this by taking short walks around your block, either alone or with those who live with you; or completing quick and easy workouts. There are thousands of apps that provide exercise and workout guidance, and ways of monitoring your health. So keep exercising and keep fit! 


Overall, it is most important that we keep in contact with our friends, family and community over this time. Many around us may be vulnerable and it is essential that we come together to help those most in need. From collecting the weekly shopping for them to giving them a friendly phone call, everything counts and everything helps. We will beat COVID19, but as  of now, keep clean, safe and connected!