Being in lockdown for almost six weeks has been quite a strange experience for many people across the UK. With the public only allowed to go out to shop for basic necessities, one form of exercise a day, any medical need or to provide care for a vulnerable person.  


Many people are constantly asking when our lockdown will finally come to an end, however we must reflect on whether this really is the right move to do without being sure that the UK will not face a second surge in cases of Covid-19. Furthermore, this is important because in order to end the lockdown, we need to be certain that we will be able to protect the NHS’ ability to cope with this pandemic. Other important factors include a consistent fall in the number of deaths, as well as a manageable infection level and the ability to meet PPE and testing challenges.  


Although the Government will be reviewing the lockdown on May the 7th, it’s crucial that we don’t get impatient. We should also bare in mind, that even though there’s a possibility that the lockdown will be extended, it’s all in order to help reduce our risk of catching Coronavirus. If we were to go back to ‘the normal’ straight away, then all our efforts would be wasted, and we could have a potential second peak which would be dangerous. Overall, we should think about the NHS workers and other key workers, who are out there on the front-line risking everything in order to help save lives, and how a second peak would have a grave impact on them. 


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