Remote learning

  The schools in England have been closed since 23th March due to COVID-19. But the coronavirus did not stop schools to teach and students to learn. The schools are working out the ways for students to learn and take exams at home. For our school, we take registers online at 8:15 every school days and the teachers will send tasks through firefly or email for students to complete and hand it back for marking. We have been working well for the last two weeks.
  Remote learning happens when the students and teachers are separated by distance or times and therefore cannot meet in a traditional classroom setting, this is an entirely new form of taking courses because it is completely different from learning at school. Remote learning requires students to work more efficiently and it also a challenge of pupils’ consciousness. Taking lessons online or working at home requires us to be more focused on the tasks and in order to not to be interrupted by varies of factors, we could:


1. Put phones away.

2. Concerntrate on one task each time.

3. To not listen to loud musics.
  To follow the rules of remote learning and to learn more efficiently, we should:

1.    Get up early and eat breakfast.
2.    Take registers on time.
3.    Check your emails everyday.
4.    Hand in your homework before the deadlines.

Hope you all stay safe and happy Easter.

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