Keeping You Entertained During Isolation by Emma Hourihan, Royal Russell School


With the new isolation rules that came in to play at the end of March, many people have been complaining about being bored. Personally, I have had a lot to do ranging from school work to well … more school work. I myself am more of a stay at home kind of person so I will give you some of the best tips I can come up with to keep you entertained during isolation.


Most people do not mind staying home until the second they are told they have no choice, which is when the beautiful sunny weather seem to come in. Please everyone stay at home and listen to the governments’ advice it really is for our own benefit, leaving your house for social reasons at this stage during a pandemic is just selfish to the people who have to come into contact with you.


You may be missing your friends and feeling lonely, that’s where the incredible invention of social media and modern-day technology come into play. Facetime, snapchat, house party all these free apps are there at your disposal, make use of them! Calling your friends and being able to hear their voice and see their face is really reassuring in a time like this, even if you are worried or upset, trust in your friends to help put you in a good mood. Another key way to keep yourself entertained is to put your phone down for a day or two and have a proper conversation with your family. Most of the time people are out at work and busy in their own lives so now everyone is at home you have no excuse not to spend quality time with them. 


It may sound like something a parent or a teacher would say but reading books is a great way to pass time, for those who use the excuse of not having enough time, then this is an opportunity for you. Some people may think it is boring but books are like films that you get to have control over but what if reading a book is not for you? Then write one yourself, a book, a play, a poem even about what is going on right now! That would definitely be a good future read. Who knows, maybe you could be the next Shakespeare and this is just your calling?


You know that job you’re always saying you need to do, but never get around to it? This is the perfect time, get all those small jobs done. Fixing that dodgy door handle or planting something new can make you feel far more accomplished than laying on the sofa binge watching Netflix all day. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, go outside with your family and play a game of football this will keep you active and teach you some new skills. Honestly my overall two favourite activities to do so far are to write a diary, as in the future you are not going to remember all these details and you are basically living a future History GCSE question right now! My other activity would be to learn a new hobby, YouTube is the home to everything you never knew you wanted to know – I recommend yoga, not only does it keep you active but while you are trying to master a handstand it supplies entertainment for the rest of your family as well. 


By Emma Hourihan