Due to obvious recent events of the coronavirus crises, most of the world has been forced put their everyday lives on hold and help play their part in keeping themselves and the people around them safe and healthy. As a result, technology has become an essential communication platform with people of all different ages relying on it to either work from home, continue their education or just simply to talk with friends or family in such lonely and worrying times. This extreme change has caused a lot of confusion and stress for plenty of people trying to adjust to these extremely different working conditions, however, does this new method have any advantages?

At a time of such panic and gloom, I think it’s important that we try and find the positives in difficult or distressing situations. As a year 11 myself, the past few weeks have caused a lot of uncertainty and disappointment with the GCSE examinations recently cancelled, and having to adjust to a new remote learning system whilst keeping up a suitable standard of work to put towards my predicted grades. However, through all the alarm and turbulence, myself and plenty other year 11’s have managed to find some perks to online learning. Rebecca Ward, another year 11, mentioned that online learning can be easier in some ways than usual school as “you can be in your own space and be comfortable” whilst learning, helping to reduce stress and worry in the own comfort of your home. She suggests year 11’s working from home could help keep students less tired than they would be at school and that it’s easier to “manage your time independently”. This could benefit students by improving their organisational skills, preparing them for the busyness of A Levels, and gives them the ability to spend more time on the subjects that they feel might need more attention.

However, along with these benefits, learning from home has also created some additional difficulties for yr 11’s on top of the hassle over GCSE’s. Ella Nighy, another year 11, told that some of the negatives to online learning was that “you can’t get as much one to one support” and explaining its easier for a student to become lost and misled in important parts of their education. This can cause additional concern for year 11’s or can make it easier for them to not try as hard at their work. I know a lot of my friends, including myself, have struggled with finding the motivation to complete work to the best of our abilities due to the distracting and relaxing environment of our homes. Additionally, phones are now causing a great distraction and disruptions for students as they have no limitations or rules to keep them focused.

However, overall I believe the new remote learning system is making the best out of a bad situation and we should all be grateful for the opportunity to continue our right to an education, with a few new additional perks. Everyone should focus on staying safe, healthy, and positive, especially in times like these.

By Ellie Baker