Now almost every country across the globe is under lockdown. This event has come across unpredictable and abundant of citizens with their hands clasped together praying, serving and hoping to bring back normality to society and to the world.

However, it’s time to seize humanity back and spread positivity around the world, regardless of the virus’ desire to bring menace. The reality is absorbed into negativity, because we neglected our life goal to serve humanity. Therefore, it is our responsibility to spread happiness and avail one another, in order to prevent coronavirus from reaching to our homes. Many people also fret that this may be God’s will, questions were asked such as, “where is God to help us? Why isn’t he here?” However God may quote, ‘where were you to help me, to listen to me?’
I’ve conducted an interview with Huma Ahmad, questioning what our next step should be to protect ourselves from the outbreak; numerous suggestions were indicated to me.

“ Well first we need to listen to what the government says about keeping a distance from people, washing your hands and so on”. She then brought another perspective that many people can also agree on.

“ I think we need to turn to prayer too. Whenever something horrible happens to the world, God punishes these people for their horrible crimes.”

“God forbid that this is a punishment, however I never heard nor did encounter a virus- before this one -to spread globally.”

“We made a huge mistake and need to ask for forgiveness because the virus is going home to home, which means that God is mildly infuriated with us- telling us to change our habits”. Ahmad later conveyed on how easy it is to blame others for their mistake, when it is their right to take full action. She also highlighted this ignorance causing jeopardy on humanity if this continues. Based on that, it’s clear that oblivion is a deadly disease. This time in isolation should make us feel aware of the nefarious reality and commodity that we consume ourselves in- leaving humanity behind. A life where Satan desires to be in, not God. Take this lesson from God to prevent us from going astray,nor to forget the wonderful qualities we’ve been blessed with to help humanity. If not, we may encounter a detrimental circumstance that may be far more destructive than Coronavirus itself, since an immoral crime is a cause of anarchy and distress, which will never leave us in a tranquil place.

Overall, the peak point of coronavirus is high in this period of time, which makes it extremely uncomfortable for doctors, nurses, patients and for everyone. So to help someone, give your appreciation to people who work in hospitals, like the nhs who are battling their way through this difficult time. Help someone who are frightened by the virus and explain how conforming the rules and availing humanity will make everyone feel happy and safe.

By Layba Ahmed