Boris Johnson ordered UK schools to be closed by March 20 2020 due to the severe outbreak of the coronavirus. This measure was taken to stop COVID-19 from spreading and taking more innocent lives, the closing of schools has impacted British children in many ways, some more than others.


There are around 4 million children living in poverty in the UK, this is horrifically high and those children in poverty may or may not be fed at home not only because of schools closing but due to some of the British public panic buying and emptying all shops shelves. This limits the amount of resources these children can receive and may lead to them going hungry.


Titi Ayokun a respected pupil stated her opinion on being in quarantine ‘Personally quarantine has affected me in quite a good way as I have gotten more sleep meaning I am more refreshed for online school. However it is making me rely on technology a lot more which carry its disadvantages.’


The way school closure has affected me is how it is going to decrease the physical contact I have with people, now I will have to adjust to talking to my friends through a screen if I want to continue to be in contact with them. Not seeing my friends every day is going to be quite difficult but I am going to try as best as I can to continue to talk to them as much as possible as I understand schools closing had to be done to protect everyone’s health.

Tomini Oyeniyi , Croydon High School