Since it arrived in Cheam village last summer, La Petite Boulangerie has certainly caused a stir, bringing delicious French bread, cakes, and culture to the local community. From croque monsieurs to croissants, the independent bakery has thrived, and although the national situation has proved limiting for all businesses, this cafe currently remains open for takeaways and fresh bread.

My mum and I have visited the bakery countless times now, and each experience is more delicious than the last! While my companion’s regular choice is their onion soup and fresh bread, (as well as an obligatory cappuccino), my favourite delicacy has to be the strawberry tarts or chocolate éclairs, and I adore their hot chocolate. Recently, they have even introduced meticulously decorated, bite-sized desserts, which left us both awe-struck at how beautiful they were! My mum commented: 'It's as though they're making things just for you- everything's homemade and completely unique.' They offer a variety of pastries, quiches, cakes, and breads- such as sourdough loaves and seeded baguettes. Everything is authentic, baked on site, and can’t be found anywhere else in London! The café has become a social hotspot for friends and family, and is even dog-friendly. Its welcoming atmosphere and staff are something I definitely miss while at home. The business is family run and entirely independent, making it even more of a success, and a village gem. Despite sitting down with coffees and croissants and watching the world go by no longer being an option at present, we have taken advantage of their decision to remain partially open, and still look forward to their warm, freshly-baked bread to take away- there’s truly nothing like it anywhere else.

The café is a staple of the community and certainly serves its purpose-  and as none of us are likely to be holidaying for a while now, let’s all appreciate the little slice of France that ‘La Petite Boulangerie’ has to offer.

By Caroline Young