On Tuesday, Years 10 and 12 got a taster of what their futures could look like after their education in the Senior School. At the Fair, pupils were able to visit a myriad of major industries such as the NHS, Amazon as well as many universities.

The Fair presented the pupils with many exhibitors to talk to about their career options and what their industries could provide for the pupils. There were many universities and apprenticeship courses available for us and there were some interesting exhibitors as well. One particularly unique exhibitor offered the chance to be on FaceTime with Dr Lee, a Member of the UN, to get an understanding of what it is like in the UN.

I was fortunate enough to be on FaceTime with him and he said, “ The UN has six official languages; French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and English. It is important to communicate in different languages so learning a language in school is good”.

After the Fair, I asked Campbell Eady what did he learn from the fair and he replied:

“I found the Fair useful in advising my future education. In my opinion, Dr Lee was one of the most interesting people I have met.”

Mrs Harris, Head of Careers, said: 

“Putting on an event like this is a huge team effort and we are very fortunate to be supported by fantastic parents, Old Russellians, members of the business community and of course, our wonderful pupils and Prefects”.

By Terrell Thomas