Currently  people are suffering from anxiety due to Covid-19. In this time of great uncertainty here are come tv shows you can watch and enjoy.

Stranger things (15) 

Stranger things is a horror science fiction show following a group of three boys trying to find their best friend after he goes missing with the help of a girl they found in the woods with superpowers. This show is a mixture of terrifying jump scared and funny comedic characters that really sucks you into their crazy world set in Hawkins, Indianna during the 1980s. There are three seasons featuring lots of different and adventureous characters which you can watch on Netflix. 
Sophia James said “stranger things really helped me when I was in hospital, is let me forget about what was happening around me and gave me something positive to focus on”. 

Like this: im not ok with this (Netflix)


Get Even (unknown) 


Get even is a new show following four teenage girls at an elite private school who form a secret society to exposing bullies and fight injustice. This mystery has the viewers constantly questioning the work of the society and also has the audience wondering the real meaning behind certain events that unravel as the story progresses. However, this show also gives us the stories of the teen characters first love, heart break, school anxiety and social image meaning that this really is a show for everyone. You can watch the first series now on BBC iPlayer.

Like this: the stranger (Netflix)



Glee (12)


Glee is a fun, exciting and funny program following the life of a show choir who are seen as loosers by their school and constantly battle to show their worth. In the 6 seasons we follow the lives and struggles of the individuals in the choir whilst they battle with hate, discovering themselves and deliberating about their future. You see the small club turn into something very important and it has so many important messages that it would be helpful for many people to still hear. You can watch all six series on Netflix. 

Like this: 4 o clock club (BBC iplayer)



Victorious (PG)

Victorious is an old nickelodeon show about a Tori Vega getting into a prestigious performing arts school and becoming friends with a group of vibrant and strange characters. This laugh out loud comedy/musical is aimed at a younger audience but is still good and easy to watch at any age. You can view all 3 series on Netflix.

Like this: icarley (Netflix)



Vera (15)

This mystery series is about a female detective in Northumberland trying to solve murder cases with her trusted colleague Sergeant Joe. This show can be scary at time but it is a really fun and interesting watch. You can watch most of the 2 hour episodes on ITV player. 
Mrs Julia Hoffman, a teacher who works with young children with special needs said “sometimes my job can be pretty difficult but when I can come home to a good gripping tv series it helps me to wind down and think about something else for a while”. 

Like this: Midsomer murders (ITV player)


Chloe Shields