Social media has had a variety of opinions over the years. Many love sharing what they have been doing and being able to explore what others have been doing. However, many think it is addictive bad for teenagers mental health and reduces sleeping and physical activity. 

Many celebrities and models are on social media and most often post pictures of themselves looking”perfect” and what “people want to look like”. However, this can cause a strain on teenagers mental health. Most often or not teenage girls in Particular feel as if they have to look that good and change their looks and personality in order to look more like these models and celebrities and be more popular in school and online. This can cause bullying, mental health issues of constantly feeling second best or not good enough and depressed that they are not like these models. Most often they feel overwhelmed, disappointed and upset by what they see online and however hard they try to look like what has been viewed they never feel good enough. In addition, it is very addictive due to certain videos and links available which many people watch all day. This often means teenagers in particular fall behind in work, loose valuable sleep and don’t do as much physical activity as necessary. Over 50% of under 16s use social media for 2 hours a day. This is incredible showing how addictive it is most often teenagers use social media at night meaning they loose sleep and therefore their concentration levels are a lot lower in school decreasing grades.

As a result of  this many parents have limits on how long a child can use social media or not use it at all. Many believe social media should have a higher age limit of 16 or 18 as is too addictive and sometimes unappropiate for 12/13 year olds.