On 19th February, West Middlesex University held the North London Story 2020 festival. People regardless of their age could join this festival and enter in for writing workshops and author events. Crime novelists and speakers such as Barbara Nadel, Stephen Kelman ,PD Viner, Ivy Ngeow,Paul Gilbert, Ceri Jackson, Andrew Pepper, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown , Professional Cartoonists' Organisation ,Alison Joseph visited this festival and expressed their love and inspiration in writing and talking about crime and thrilling novels.

I attended Barbara Nadel talk session , a crime novelist who wrote over 21 novels and her famous Turkish setting and thrilling novels. The session gave us a snippet of her personal background and her 2 demanding cats which she couldn’t help but love them with all her heart. Being the breadwinner and the first person to attend university, she pursued in degree in psychology.Your Local Guardian:

She mainly gained her inspiration through her father who was a self-taught man and became her driving force to pursue more knowledge and develop her career. Her inspiration also came through reading Agatha Christie novels, The Falling Angel by Christopher Brookmyre and many more. Having lived in East End her entire life, Barbara was used to the crime’s rumors around North London. Working in a psychiatric ward, she found the hospital to be a stressful environment and found writing novels became her haven to express her emotions. She found crime fiction as a perfect world cause at the end of the novel there was always a solution whereas in reality it was harder to attain it.

‘You write what you like’ , she said as her inspiration of crime fiction grew during her early stages of childhood and her writing truly reflected her perspective of East Ends, her perspective of crime. Even with multiple rejections thrown as a challenge to her, Barbara overcame these obstacles through her writing.

With this interesting session, Barbara also gave advice on young creative writers to have an excellent pitch , eye-catching synopsis to their novel and to plan it beforehand. Writers should think out of the box and stepping into different genres and backgrounds. Writers need to step out of their imagination as then they would be able to connect with the characters in their novels.

The session ended with the audience gaining knowledge and inspiration about stepping out of their imagination to explore the real world.

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