Since the discovery of new technology and advances, social media has had a major impact on society and on peoples’ lives in many different ways; effecting people positively and/or negatively. Although social media can be a seen as a great platform to allow many different people to interact and communicate, to build a brand or promote existing businesses it can also be seen as controlling and impulsive, where some may find that they are trapped in the world of social media finding it very difficult to get out of it. People become drawn to the media especially celebrities where they can become so fixated on their appearance, what they may say, in order for them to be favoured and socially accepted by their demographic and the public eye. Even people who live different lives to celebrities can be deeply discouraged as a result of not being socially accepted or looking like everyone around them does. 

Some individuals particularly develop a very strong emotion where they begin to comment on people’s appearances, what they say and how they talk in a negative way, where celebrities or people who are living content and happy lives start to pay attention to the negativity and criticism that they are now receiving. The negative commentary starts to take over their lives, becoming overwhelming and daunting that they can’t help but to look at what people are saying about them, ignoring all the positive and caring comments and only focusing on the bad causing them to slowly see it in them and hate it about themselves. This can lead to depression, anxiety and many other problems. Therefore society must work together in encouraging people and motivating them to be the best versions of themselves and to not look or think about the bad.