Many children find it hard when their loved ones are ill, with illnesses such as, Dementia, Cancer or Parkinson’s Disease. This will have an effect on anyone, because they are seeing their loved ones suffer, and the person suffering doesn’t even always know they are suffering. Sometimes the impact of the illness is greater on the family members than the person with the diagnosis. My Grandmother was recently diagnosed with dementia and it was clear that she was no longer able to live alone so she has been living with us.

It can be hard when someone close to you is ill and is having to live with you, and it could have an effect on you and the entire family.  It can affect people in different ways, sometimes bringing the rest of the household closer and stronger. While on the other hand, it can push families apart and cause anger and resentment among them. It can even cause you to feel angry at the person ill. This can be because you aren't used to seeing them like this, that their personality and behaviour is different and it is strange and sad to see, which can cause frustration. Some feel selfish for feeling this way about the person that they love, even though they can’t help it. It can make people feel ashamed of themselves for feeling like this, and make them feel that they are being cruel. When you love someone, it is hard to see them like this, which then makes you want to fulfil their happiness, however it doesn't always make you happy. The person who is ill is still the same person that you know and love, however, they are just a bit confused and not always that easy to find.