West norwood feast - 2019 highlights and upcoming prospects 

West Norwood Feast is a colourful, lively and exciting, street market that occurs monthly. 2019 held twelve fabulous feasts that hosted over one hundred stools across five sections of West Norwood.

The Food Fair is perfect for those who are looking to indulge in a tasty bite to eat on a sunday, bringing cuisines from numerous cultures and places all over the world to West Norwood. 2019 brought all types of food, from sweet treats such as cake pops and home baked pastries, to scrumptious meals including tasty BBQ raps, mouthwatering buffalo wings and street food from Ghana, Japan, Greece, Pakistan, and many other countries around the globe. 

Fresh ‘n’ Greens holds stalls selling fresh and mostly locally sourced produce and products. Consisting of meats such as delicious salamis, fish, reusable bamboo cutlery and artisan compotes. 

For the creative, the Artisans market is perfect - full of artsy stalls and exciting, leisurely activities for younger children. From beautiful and unique pieces of pottery, to charmingly hand-knitted and stitched products, you are bound to find something you love. For other quirky items, The Retro village sells vintage clothing and accessories, alongside endearing and lovable furnishings.  

Lastly, the Family Hub hosts a diverse variety of stools focused around affordability, family life and healthy living. There is also a ‘Picnic play area’ providing enjoyment for both children and parents. 

Going into 2020, West Norwood feast has a veolia grant which administers their hopes to advance in overall sustainability and eco friendliness.

Article by Leilani Champagnie