Amongst many other things, teenagers are viewed as unemployed people who do nothing but play video games and go to school. The stereotypical teen spends between 9 to 16 hours playing video games and around 7 hours a week on homework alone, with an additional 30 hours on school grounds. This is why it is very rare to see an under 18 year old working in a local shop or in a café. The teenagers are believed to not have enough time on their hands to handle a serious job or even a single task. However, in recent years, the work rate in shops has been seen to decrease with the unfortunate loss of under 18 employees. In 2019 it was revealed that 473,000 teens aged 16-24 were unemployed. Many speculate that teens simply do not apply for jobs as they are too busy with school or university work, or that are too lazy. But in reality, teens are rarely hired for work in the 21st century, due to their lack of experience. A majority of modern jobs require a minimum of 3.2 years of experience to qualify. Many companies do not even properly analyse CVs and applications from teens (and slightly higher ages). They are neglected due to their studies and the stereotypical view on teenage society. However given the chance to have work, many would take it. Teens do not earn money fluently without work and would love to have a good chance at a steady paycheque, whether that is spent on sweets and video games, or put into savings, companies hiring teens encourage good life skills and improve the work rate and employment numbers in the future, as well increasing discipline amongst teens, which might also help with school work and average grades.. This is why focussing on a suitable work environment for teens and making it as easy as possible for teens to find a job is so important.