Is It too late to prevent climate change?

Scientists say that the planet is at risk of catastrophic effects because of global warming. 

What is climate change? 

Climate change is any significant long-term change in the expected patterns of average weather of a region or the whole earth over a significant period of time. Climate change is about abnormal variations to the climate and the effects of these variations on other parts of the earth.  

The world has been experiencing changes in climates, affecting millions of lives. Already, there has been the bleaching of coral reefs, the sea ice volume in the Arctic has been reaching new lows, an increase in the number of natural disasters worldwide such as, wildfires, droughts and floods.  

Climate change has already begun to impact our planet in a negative way. Temperatures continue to rise throughout the planet, and we are experiencing changes in precipitation patterns as we have never seen before. The main cause of these catastrophic effects on our planet Is pollution. 

The effects of climate change:

- Temperatures will continue to rise

- Changes in precipitation patterns

- More droughts and Heatwaves

- Hurricanes will become stronger and more intense 

Spreading awareness about climate change is essential to help preserve the planet for future generations. There are many platforms for us to utilize that can allow us to spread our message easily for example, social media.  

In my local area, a group of young people have set out to raise awareness about climate change. They spread awareness through social media but also by interacting with members of my community on a daily basis to inform them about the dangers of climate change and how to act against it. They encourage people to use renewable energies by informing others about how renewable energy is better than using fossil fuels. My local community also make sure that every member of our community knows where to find free recycling bags at our local town hall and libraries to encourage everyone to recycle. 


By Nicole Stoby