Change in Bus route leaves locals isolated with no bus service

Residents and locals living off Bollo Lane have been left isolated as there is a lack of a bus service on the road as the bus route 440 was rerouted. Route 440 used to run between Stonebridge Park station and Gunnersbury, Power Road serving Chiswick High Road, Acton and Stonebridge Park station. Transport for London changed the bus route 27 and 440 a few months ago so the bus no longer travels down Bollo Lane from Acton to Chiswick. A local resident who has mobility difficulties said local residents no longer have a way to get to shops such as Sainsbury’s and to the GP on Fisher lane. To get to the GP now you can take a bus but it still requires a 10 minute walk. This is extremely hard for elderly residents with health or mobility problems therefore preventing them from accessing services available to them. 
TFL did complete a survey earlier this year where 604 people were contacted about the route change and only 14% strongly supported this change. 14% strongly opposed it and 43% said the change was not applicable to them. The residents complained as TFL still went through with the plans and the survey was completed on a small sample space. 

Tanishya Kapila