Perfect to get you in the cosy Christmas spirit, Little Angel Theatre has recently premiered their newest play – ‘The Pixie and the Pudding’. The performance brings to life a tale from Scandinavian folklore, complete with captivating musical talents and a touch of magic. Ideal for a younger audience, it explores themes of friendship, as it expresses a valuable lesson along the way. Altogether, it was truly a wholesome experience, putting a smile on your face

Along with its beautiful message, the performance must also be attributed for its amazing landscape. From the use of lights to the creative adaptation of props to the nostalgic twinkles and bells, it maintained a consistent fluidity throughout. The use of sparkling fairy lights, was a mesmerising feature, adding to the festive atmosphere. Additionally, it was able to break the fourth wall and make the audience feel like a part of the holiday magic, as the lights flickered throughout the theatre. They were also used very effectively to express different types of weather, allowing the audience to truly experience and understand what is going on in the story. Furthermore, the adaptation of props was a very impressive feature, leaving the audience fascinated by the effortless transitions. Props were designed to smoothly transform from one to another, completely altering the setting. For example, one of the many props which were altered was a chair, which was used in a home setting. Upon being turned around and opened, it acted as a pen for a horse, complete with bales of hay. Alongside other transformations, the setting would alter from a home to a farm, very smoothly. This clever feature was an amazing addition to the performance as it was interesting to see in what ways the setting could change. From the response from the audience, it was definitely a captivating element of the performance. Additionally, the vibrant and cheerful musical accompaniments tied the entire show together flawlessly.

However, the focus of attention was definitely in the show itself, executed wonderfully by only two performers! – Gilbert Taylor and Nix Wood. Playing a variety of characters, the two performers worked together to tell the mystical tale, keeping the audience immersed in the story. Also, they had an amazing interaction with the audience, which kept them captivated and immersed in the story. Their performance was executed perfectly, through their expressive stage presence and original musical numbers. This connected well with their audience. Additionally, the play implemented puppetry to play various characters, working very effectively with their audience. The puppets were crafted beautifully and added to the magic of the performance. The animated features and the smooth movement of the puppets made them look almost lifelike. Along with authentic sound effects, the puppetry blended into the setting, through its natural mannerism, leaving the audience in awe. Altogether, it was finitely a compelling element of the play, which completely crowned it off.

 Overall, ‘The Pixie and the Pudding’ was a beautifully wholesome play, which is perfect for Christmas time. At the moment, it is playing at Little Angel Theatre until February 2020. Little Angel Theatre also showcases a variety of other plays, perfect for a younger audience. To find out more, check out their website


Image credits to Suzi Corker