Loft conversions are invading London, what should we do about it?

Every summer, Londoners should expect not to have a nice quiet sunbathe in the garden. Why? Well because of the new (well, not that new) influx of loft conversions. These caravans on roofs are not only quite ugly, but have a very noisy construction: and their going up everywhere!

Due to the fact that people don’t seem to be satisfied with the size of their home, most find it a good idea to add a third floor to their house, but converting the existing loft into a proper room. For many, this is the norm. Every summer, when it’s hot and dry, builders belt out their music while hammering away at whatever they like to hammer away at. However, outside of London’s suburbs, where small terraced houses aren’t everywhere and everyone has taylor-picked the size of their house from the large selection of relatively cheap detached houses.

Now, if your garden looks back on someone else's, you may feel the effects of these upward extensions. Decreased sunlight, banging, and a lot more. So, take advantage of your winters, where you finally get some peace and quiet,

However, this resident of south London says otherwise: “I like them because they extend the house upwards and make use of space you wouldn’t normally use….. It means you don’t have build downwards, and it increases the price of your house, as you get an extra bedroom and bathroom”

We all want a bigger house, but what’s the cost? Sure, it increases the value of your house, but you also have to spend money to get there. They make use of space, but they can be very ugly. What do you think of them? I’m sure if you have one, you love them, but is that the majority, or the vocal minority, who knows?