The Reigate Christmas fayre commenced on the 30th of November 2019 preparing us all for the month of Christmas.

The fayre ran between 11:30 am to 5pm with gathered throughout the day thousands of people flowing in and out of the market stalls that were set up on Church street. The fayre has been running for the past 7 years set up by the Reigate business guild with local sponsors such as the electrical company Keymex and volunteers that helped run the day smoothly. There were an impressive number of over 50 stalls providing a variety of unique gifts that catered to every customers needs and people were drawn to the street food stalls from their wafting aromas of cultural foods like pizzas and churros.

The Reigate Christmas fayre was an experience for all that developed the christmas spirit for the next month , according to Leah Selvadurai a local of the community she stated that “it was a very good experience particularly the live music , I will definitely go again next year” comments like this reflects how the activities set up by the Guild most certainly built up the christmas cheer. For instance the live music created a bumbling atmosphere from the joyful tunes of Christmas that they sang which echoed across the fayre. There were many activities that catered towards children such as Santa Claus arriving in a helicopter early morning in priory park and there were donkey rides available throughout the day. I particularly enjoyed the highlight of the fayre , in which the christmas lights were turned on at 4:30pm the act was performed by former Strictly Come Dancing dancers Ola and James Jordan. The Christmas lights and decorated trees created the perfect background for the fayre, the food , the music and most importantly Santa Claus are few of the many reasons why the Reigate Christmas Fayre should be an important date in the calendar for the next upcoming year.