Babysitting is when a child is taken care of when parents aren't available to e.g. at work or at an event. Babysitting is known to be extremely hard and specific skills are needed in order to become a babysitter or babysit in general.   

I first started babysitting in 4 years ago (2015) ; she was three at the time. I planned to babysit her for 3 months which didn’t go quite well ...   

Here are some things I wish I knew:

    1. follow ground rules that the parents have. 

I had set rules without informing the parents not knowing if the parents were comfortable with the rules, I had set (as it is their child they should approve and of what I do and the methods I use)  

     2.   Be respectful.

There might be some things that you're not comfortable with but you're going must accept, their family might be structed differently. 

     3. child's schedule. 

It is important to follow the child's day to day routine, or e.g. establishing a good sleep schedule as the child will remain fresh and awake. 

      4.  Child's medicine and allergies. 

 It is extremely important to make sure you know what the child is always eating as when you're with the child you are responsible for anything that happens to them. 

    5. make sure you have an emergency contact number.

In case of any incident it's good to make sure you have a emergency contact number incase parents are unavailable. 

Felege Yohannes