On Wednesday the 6th of November, Gumley's year 9 A team (consisting of: Laurie Menist, Evie Fendley, Ava Gohlan, Grace Donnelly, Sophie Moerdyk, Perrine Fleury, Nicole Cervantes and Emily Szanecki) won against Chiswick in an exciting final!

The games took place at Heathlands. The netball success did not end there. Gumley's B team came fourth in the pool. Twelve schools took part in this memorable netball tournament.

This interesting day held many challenges too. With cold weather making for even colder hands all the teams powered on.

On this adrenaline-filled day, Gumley did spot two girls who stood out...

The first was Nicole Cervantes. Many called her the MVP of the matches. She was given this title based on her consistent reliability shown. Her teammates all agreed her passing and shooting were also consistent. One teacher, in particular, mentioned that her general athletic ability was great.

The second noticeable person was Grace Donnelly. She was selected based on holding up Gumley's distinguished FCJ values. These include excellence, companionship, dignity, justice, hope and gentleness. She precisely followed all of Netball's rules showing justice for all those who took part. There were also many other instances of Grace displaying Gumley's core values such as her companionship shown when discussing ideas and cheering on her team.

I managed to get an interview with Gumley House School's Head of Physical Education, Ms Collins. I asked what her general overview of the match was. She replied with, "High standard of Netball." All the positive feedback beforehand really solidified the statement.

In conclusion, this Netball match lifted everyone's spirits on a chilly November afternoon and even impressed Gumley's very own Head of P.E.

By Sarah Holmes De Abreu