Jaggard way, the commercial heart of Wandsworth common, is under threat by a proposed residential development. This popular road is host to many well loved local businesses, such as the Belleville brewery, owned and managed by a local father, as well as the Train Station Gym.


However, all of these establishments will be demolished if plans to construct new housing go ahead. The plans include the construction of 4 apartment blocks, three 4 stories tall, and one standing 6 stories tall, with residents raising concerns over whether a building of this height would tower over the largely residential area. The main issue that local residents have with the proposals however is the destruction of locally owned businesses, with Adrien Thomas, director of the Belleville Brewery, saying “These artisans and traders are part of the community and, as such, the community would be worse off if they disappear. The local Liberal Democrat party has expressed its opposition to the developments, criticising “very unclear” information leaflets, as well as highlighting concerns that the housing would turn out to be “luxury apartments” as opposed to “affordable housing for local people” which they feel is needed. The planning proposal was rejected on the 25th January 2018 after fierce opposition, however planning Councillor Sarah McDermott that in the future development was “likely”, with a revised application has already submitted. Earlier this year local residents wrote a formal objection to the developments, criticising their large scale, calling them “out of proportion” to the surrounding area, as well as highlighting the “unquantifiable” damage that could be done to trees in the area, and “the long term effect this[the developments] is having on the ecology and biodiversity”. The debate continues.

Leo Kavanagh