The ‘Olde Colesdon Archers’ have been seen shooting arrows every Sunday, rain or shine – sometimes not as willingly in the 5 degree temperatures and biting cold rain - but dedicated nonetheless. Robin hood has indeed, been sighted in the Coulsdon neighbourhood!

The club has always been a great place to have fun and enjoy the company without worrying too much about the typical competitive nature of archery. They run a beginner’s course twice a year so that new, budding archers come rushing in and keep the experienced coaches; Barry Woodward and Gary Porrott on their toes.

Gary Porrott, the current Treasurer at the club, said “I am terrible at sports as I have poor hand-eye co-ordination, but archery allows me to overcome my physical shortcomings and enjoy myself.” He also explained “I feel lucky to be a member of our club. For me it has a warm and welcoming feeling. Members feel comfortable talking to each other, whether they've been here for years or just joined 10 minutes ago.” This shows how the club is a warm and supportive environment. Neil O'Reilly, a member who has just recently joined, said that "One of the reasons I love archery is that it is a great way of switching off from any worries, as it requires an absolute focus".

Since 2007, the club has provided support and advice for those that are new so that they can continuously improve their archery skills. They run exciting competitions every year like the Agincourt shoot (England vs France themed day), the Easter shoot, and even a Barbeque to entice all the family members. They also run a (very large) booth in the Coulsdon Village Fair every Summer to increases the popularity – and profits – even further.

Overall, their dedication, good will and support gives this club a great reputation and leads to the countless sign-ups and registrations every year.

Written by Alex Topliss