It is difficult to describe the experience that being on a pilgrimage gives you. For my classmates and I, our week in Lourdes was a deeply moving way of connecting to our faith and reaching out to love and serve others. During our stay, we primarily helped care for disabled children by interacting with them in a way that we hope sparked enjoyment for them as well as humbled us by their courage, while also taking time for ourselves to develop our spiritual understanding. I asked my friend and fellow Young Reporter Olivia Rickard to tell me about what she had taken away from the experience:

Was there a special moment that will stay with you as a lasting memory?

Seeing not just the children change over the course of the week due to the impact of HCPT but also feeling a change in me.

How do you think going on a pilgrimage has affected or improved your faith?

Yes, definitely, because I got to see it in action. I saw people act through the teachings and their trust in God. I was humbled by the love they showed. It was beautiful to come together with people because of my faith, which showed just how strong our faith can be.

What will you miss most about being in Lourdes?

The great feeling of belonging to a community and being part of something beautiful and powerful.