It was a 3 hour period of emotional turmoil for longterm Avengers fans. Since the 2003 release of the Incredible Hulk, Marvel continued to make Stan Lee’s comic book vision, a cinematic reality which has defined a generation. As those who have had their imagination captured, sat through 180 minutes of laughter, anticipation, shock and tears(lots and lots of tears), the realisation that this would be the final movie that they got to experience with the original cast slowly began to set in, and it was finalized by end of the movie.

The producers of Marvel spent the entire 3 hours putting together a piece of cinematic gold, Stan Lee would not only be proud of but would all together bring him to tears(similar to everyone in the cinema). The movie didn't only feel like an action blockbuster, it felt like a piece of art. A thank you to all those who experienced every second of each of the 22 MCU movies that came before it. Revisiting old films, and prior memories and events, it felt like gratitude to those who have helped make the franchise the multi-billion dollar empire that it has become. It was flawless and genius, not only opening up opportunities to new movies(not affiliated with the MCU), but also answering questions brought up by previous illustrations. It brought back our favourites from years gone by and took away our favourites opening up the tear ducts of its viewers. It was a complete renovation of how cinema should be made, making use of established, traditional rules of filmmaking, whilst also living up to the expectations of what modern audiences expect from what movies should be in the 21st century.

Endgame and its sister-film Infinity War, will be passed down for generations, however it is difficult to explain the wide range of emotions experienced during the film(I had never felt so happy and heartbroken at the same time). Infinity war took the courageous step of ending a movie on “cliffhanger”, that moment of uncertainty brought with it nearly a year of rampant speculation, wild conspiracy theories and an ungodly amount of anticipation. It wasn’t only emotions that were felt during the movie, words fail to explain the sensation of analysing and discussing the movie following it.                   

Stan Lee defines our generation, an icon of the industry, he’s legacy is not only comic books and short-lived, unimportant cameos on some of the movies, but the lifelong respect and adoration of  all those who have shared the journey with him. WE LOVE YOU SIR, THANK YOU FOR LETTING US BE A PART OF YOUR UNIVERSE.