Re imagining the bail system: Is it right to buy your way out of jail?

By many people in the world, the bail system is yet another example of the exploitation of wealth ,it privileges people with money, allowing them to buy their freedom, whilst people without the relevant funds would have to choose between taking a guilty plea or waiting for trial behind bars.

For some, bail serves as a lifeline, an escape, a way out of the complicated and long-winding judicial system. For others, bail is their only chance at justice, at freedom from oppression and a chance at putting the past behind them. However, research has shown that the majority of convicted people exploit the bail system and use their wealth to an advantage, to escape legal forces. This is an example of a negative consequence of bail, as it is often used for personal advantage and for selfish means.

Moreover, many of the people i asked, commented that they believed the price and availability of bail should be determined through the nature of the crime. For  example, the bail price for speeding would possibly be less than the bail price for breaking-and-entering. Also, many of the people i interviewed suggested that they believed that any crime that affected a human being both physically or emotionally or psychologically, would not be permitted bail e.g. murder, rape or assault. 

At this moment in time, the average price of a bail for theft varies depending on how much was stolen and how regretful the defendant is. This could therefore range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand. Many people have criticised this saying that it isn't high enough, as it is easily payable. 

There are 1.61 million individuals dealt with by the Criminal Justice System, out of which 1.38 million defendants were prosecuted each year. This could either hint at the effectiveness of the judicial system or the reduced use of the bail system. Although it is unknown how many of those individuals were perceived to be guilty or innocent, what it known is that the system seems to be functioning in serving justice to the required people. This also came about due to bail prices increasing, making it harder for people to simply buy their way out of jail and avoid legal implementations.