I think we can all agree, work experience is one of the most helpful things in ensuring a good idea of what the workplace is like. It helps to familiarise you with the standards, different travel routes and makes sure you have something to put on your cv. There are a variety of career options to explore and work experience helps you decide which path you want to take on your journey to your first job. As for my experience, I am spending my week at a Jewish museum in London, which in the short time I’ve been there, has proved an already useful and insightful experience. Throughout my days I lead groups in activities, helped put up and take down workshops and listened in on the different workshops going on for the schools coming in. What really made me happy was the particular age groups that were learning about Judaism, which was mainly the younger years such as year 2 and 4, as I find it important to teach children about religions that might not be their own, as it eliminates any prejudice and teaches them just how similar the many religions are. It also helps teach the children respect for other religions, and that people who are different from others can coexist peacefully.