We are so fortunate to have so many amazing opportunities within London, to go out and have fun experiencing things you can't in other parts of the world. We have the London Eye, Borough Market, The British museum and the Tate; even if you don’t want to go anywhere specific you can walk in the London streets and have fun with the music and performers busking. One of the most amazing places for me is the O2. Not only does it have a cinema but also so many great places to eat, you can also go see the biggest artists there; when they’re on tour in London. Like I did on the 17.4.19. Shawn Mendes had three nights at the O2 and I was able to get to go see him on the second night he was performing. The whole night was unbelievable. As you walked into the building you were surrounded by thousands of fans that couldn’t wait to get in to the arena. You walked up to the security for the simple safety procedure and as you passed through you got a light-up wristband that didn’t have a button to light it up so you just put it on while going to you're seats. Entering the area is a surreal experience. Seeing the thousands of fans that were once buzzing around outside all coming together in one massive room, all ecstatic to see shawn mendes; their energy seeping into you as a feeling of anticipation fills your blood ready for the night to start. The first thing I saw as I entered, was an enormous rose balancing on the center stage reaching up to the ceiling, this was a very light shade of dusky pink. There was the main stage where a circular screen was placed behind and tilted down a bit towards the floor seats which showed ‘Shawn Mendes’ in his tour font. Before him,his warm up act, was also a remarkable performance by Alessia Cara who took the stage in her stride, with a set that not only made the crowd hyped but also astonished with her talent. After Alissia left the stage the crowd chanted for Shawn Mendes to come on and flashed their phone torches, communicating with people on the other side of the arena - making new friends. Finally the lights went down, the rose in the center was flashing different colours, the stage lights flashing white and blue as Shawn Mendes appeared from the middle of the stage through a trapdoor singing his most popular song from his new album Lost In Japan. When I say the crowd joined as one like one body screaming, jumping and crying; everyone being there for one reason and finally he's there, in front of us. Shawn Mendes. It was breathtaking. Not only Shawn’s vocals and performance but how everyone joined together and united as one. Mendes did not disappoint on any part of the performance, as the songs started our light up wristbands burst to life. Flashing in time to every song lighting up our hearts as well as having a spectacular performer on stage in one of the most amazing arenas in the world. Not only did Shawn Mendes stun us with his vocals and original songs but he also blew us away with his ability of playing both the piano and guitar while singing a cover of Fix You by Coldplay (maybe even better than the original !). Not many people can perform and bring thousands of people to tears but Shawn Mendes was absolutely incredible. At the start when I started by talking about London, it's not only people in London who go to the O2. Many people from all over the world come to go to the O2, either to see their favourite artists or to climb the roof to see the extraordinary view. I know a girl who came from Israel to see Shawn Mendes. But if you do live in London, do take advantage of the all the great things we have in London.