What is the Extinction Rebellion? Essentially ER is a group of activists aiming to stop climate change and protecting the environment, through non-violent protesting. The group has since grown to the point of shutting down many of London's most popular roads, having a core group of paid staff and meeting with many of Britains most powerful politicians such as Sadiq Khan and Michael Gove. Their plans are to draw attention to climate change through non-violent albeit illegal actions in a similar way to many black civil rights protesters in the 1960s and 50s. So far we have seen ER shut down many of London's most popular roads and even attempted to shut down Heathrow. ER's leaders encourage their supporters to allow arrest as they believe arrests en masse are the best way to gain popular support and news coverage.

Despite their seemingly noble ambitions, Extinction Rebellion, when they finally abandoned their posts after days of disruption left the place in a mess with litter strewn over the place. After spending days of claiming to protect the environment, they are happy to abandon their litter at the end which as we know is deeply affecting wildlife in the oceans. Whilst this cannot be proven as there could be other groups leaving this, the likelihood is that ER is seemingly hypocritical in its message to protect the environment. Not only this, but Emma Thomson took a private jet to fly out to support ER despite the group claiming the aerospace industry was particularly dangerous to the environment and needed to br changed. Are they willing to change, or do they just want everybody else to?