A lot of people, myself included, have tried to be sold on Brexit. Surprisingly all of the politicians to date have missed one key demographic in the debate a large number is teenagers. The key demographic is teenagers; why are they so important?  Well this demographic myself included will be voting in the next election and as a result will have an impact on the politics of tomorrow. 

​We have all heard about Brexit so much that you would have thought it was Parliament’s sole function. However, the Brexit referendum was simply a non-legally binding vote, a consultation on what the British public thought about its European Union membership. This means that it is not too late to reconsider all options as the current process is delayed and the future of Britain’s relationship with the European Union remains ever unclear.

​What is clear however, is that any deal with the European Union would affect future generations like mine dramatically more than the current generation in power. So the question remains: what is this current political generation doing to guarantee some chance of prosperity for future generations?

​This all comes at a time where the UK has so far only managed to negotiate nine trade deals post Brexit, the largest being with Switzerland. This only adds more uncertainty to our future prosperityas it means that we risk having trade tariffs immediately and almost universally imposed when and if we do leave the European Union which is coincidentally our largest trading partner.

I will finish with this while the future remains unclear, what we can all do is pray and keep faith in our politicians that they will lead the country into stable and prosperous times. Start praying!