The recently reopened jewellery gallery in the V&A is part of the museum’s celebrations of the 200th anniversary of  Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s births, the founders of the V&A, and holds some iconic pieces of Jewellery from Europe’s history.

This gallery gives an interesting insight into how jewellery has changed within Europe spanning from ancient times till now. The pieces on display include Celtic jewellery, pieces from royalty and the court, as well as contemporary designs, including a ring worn by, and designed for Beyoncé. The crowning glory of the display could quite easily be Queen Victoria’s own sapphire and diamond coronet, designed by Prince Albert as a gift in 1840, the year of their marriage. The piece is often featured in portraits of Victoria and is a breathtaking piece in the collection.

However it isn’t just jewellery that's featured in the gallery, jewellery making tools are also featured, a nod to those who created the pieces. Additionally, vanity cases are also held within the walls of the gallery, which held business cards or makeup, showing off the owner's style, yet breathtaking all the same.

The reopening of the jewellery gallery is just one of the events happening to mark the 200th anniversary of Victoria & Albert’s births with multiple talks, events, and displays taking place until September, on top of the range of galleries, exhibitions, and pieces the gallery has on offer, so why not take a trip and explore one of the many museums within London.