The Horniman Museum is a great place to spend your time as there is a variety of things to do here, for instance, visiting the aquarium, wandering around a selection of galleries, going in the butterfly house and looking around the 16-acre gardens.

The Horniman museum is widely different from many other museums in London- for one its free of charge which is a bonus as some museums charge for certain exhibitions. It has more to offer than just looking around different exhibitions as everyone it offers a range of tasks to do for all the family. There is a sense of community- everyone takes pride in this historical museum and thoroughly enjoys visiting the museum for a fun day out. Children really enjoy learning and observing the stuffed animals as well as reading about evolution and adaption of the natural world in the Natural History gallery.

By stepping inside The Butterfly House, this really allows visitors to gain an insight into all the different species of butterflies and also walk around and allow the beautiful butterflies to land on them. This is quite an interesting experience as many species of butterflies from all over the world are let out and free to flutter about in this indoor environment. To see the Butterfly House you do need to purchase tickets as there is a limited capacity for everyone to fit inside, however, this is a worthwhile experience that is definitely worth it.

The animal walk is also very exciting as you can wander around whilst observing different animals such as goats, sheep, alpacas and many more. The walk is open from 12 pm to 4 pm and is highly recommended if you have a passion for furry animals!

I interviewed Sally Walker and she said: "I've been coming here for years and it never disappoints". I also spoke to Kevin Richards and he said that "There are always new things to see and do at the Horniman Museum".

The Horniman Museum has a rich history as it has been opened since the Victorian era. Frederick John Horniman first opened the Horniman Museum to showcase his finds and interesting artifacts and since then many people have enjoyed visiting whether that’s for educational purposes or for a pleasurable experience. This museum located in South London is highly accessible for everyone as there are parking spaces nearby and also disabled access available for everyone to have an enjoyable time at the Horniman.
Visit the Horniman Museum at 100 London Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 3PQ