It’s that time of year again, when The Green holds host to Twickenham Cricket Club matches - both adult and junior, playing late into the warm summer evenings.

These games often accumulate a small crowd of sunbathers and picnickers, along with friends and family or someone who might have actually have a genuine interest in cricket (a rare breed these days). You might imagine the sound of a barbeque, the brown grass, pints all round and the distinct smell of suncream. This, despite them being stereotypes, is actually not how cricket is done in England. Instead, the grey clouds with the threat of imminent rain, dark green luscious grass and the bitter wind forcing the small crowd into the clubhouse is a more common sight, or at least certainly in the early cricket months of April and May. Don’t let this put you off though - for this season TCC have a modern solution to the weather preventing you from watching your local team.

During the off-season, TCC have scrambled their pennies together, along with donations to invest in a new video recording system. The two cameras, powered by PitchVision, now mean that all Twickenham Cricket matches - colts and adults - with both be live-streamed onto youtube, and there will be ball-by-ball updates on the PitchVision app aided with detailed statistics, scorecard and analysing methods. Providing the technology holds up throughout the season, it could prove to be the perfect way to spend an evening if there is nothing on TV. Under 13’s Colts playing against Teddington in an intense local derby on a Tuesday evening? Sure, why not. It also means that if you wanted live updates on a game you’re interested in, then it’s right there at your fingertips. Hopefully this modernisation of local cricket will inspire people to play themselves. Is it not everybody’s dream to be filmed and on TV (kind of)? The technology won’t be following away fixtures, unless that club has technology of its own, but Twickenham might prove to be trailblazers in the modernisation of local club cricket.

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A fresh cricket season brings a lot more than just new technology though. Every player will have new hopes, ambitions and targets to aim for throughout the season, whilst the younger teams will want to improve and progress their cricket. The 2019 season is hopefully the start of a new era, where if you’re really that lazy, you can watch Twickenham cricket from your sofa.